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October 11, 2005

October 11, 2005

My first weblog entry as a second grade teacher.  Aah, it’s so
nice to have an outlet again for my many thoughts and feelings on
life.  Having to devote so many hours of my day to my new
profession, I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to write
in my personal journal, which is shamefully bare considering all of the
provocative experiences I have had in the past several months.  By
starting up my weblog again, I am hoping to accomplish three
objectives:  1) to keep a running record of more of my trials,
tribulations, and testaments as a teacher in North Philly than I am
able to record in hand writing; 2) to keep my family and friends better
informed of my experiences; and 3) to provide a space for me to reflect
on my experiences with the intellectualism I am wont to apply to what I
see, hear, and feel in the world around me.

Because my free time is so limited during the week, you’re likely to
get nice, bite-sized chunks of text perfect for glancing at quickly
every few days or weeks–such as these two paragraphs here, which are
all I have time to write tonight.  Perhaps you’ll even learn a
little bit of Portuguese as you read, as I feel inclined to continue
inserting my second language here and there into my blogs since this
did, after all, begin as a weblog of my experiences in Brazil. 
Entao, ate mais… (So, until next time…)



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