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December 3, 2004


Something else I’m going to miss about Brazil:  cheap fruits and veggies!  I just bought 24 green peppers from a street stand for the equivalent of about US$2.  Back home, one green pepper costs almost US$2.  Sigh.  No wonder so many Americans are overweight:  we can’t afford to eat healthy!

Anyway, I had another great afternoon with another one of my Brazilian friends, Dani.  She was my partner in the Model UN and has been very sweet to me ever since we were assigned to represent Uganda together.  Last week she invited me to go to the beach with her and her friends, and today I went to her apartment (her family’s apartment–most Brazilians live with their families until they marry, like me ) to help her with her resume, which she has to submit in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for a position she’s applying for with the Brazilian federal government. 

Dani’s room is covered literally wall-to-wall with photos of her family and friends, reflecting her affection for the people in her life.  Her mother is also very sweet and gave me a big hug in addition to the customary kiss on the cheek when I arrived, and again before I left. 

And herein lies the difficulty:  Dani and her family form part of the upper-middle class in Brazil, the class I’m so critical of on the one hand, but which is composed of such kind, jovial people on the other.  They may be part of the problem, as I am in my country, but just like everyone I know back home, they’re good people who mean well but just have no idea that the capitalist society they live in will never enable the millions of poor in their country to achieve what they themselves have achieved.

The fact that the world is full of so many kind hearts, though, is encouraging.  We all want what’s best for our fellow human beings; we just need to learn how to offer it (remember, you can ask me for ideas ‘cuz I’m full of ’em, and learning more every day…).

On that note, I’m off to capoeira.




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