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November 25, 2004


I enjoyed a muggy, lazy day today by sleeping in until 10:00 and opting for an early lunch of Chinese food rather than eating breakfast.  The food was pretty much like Chinese food you’d find in the States–cabbage and carrots in transparent sauce; beef with broccoli; rice; egg rolls, etc.–except that the buffet had the addition of polenta, french fries, and bread for Brazil’s carbohydrate-lovers, as well as sushi, which is probably an attempt on the part of the restaurant to capitalize on all things oriental. 

After lunch I picked up some photos I printed for my capoeira group from our bus trip last weekend, then walked back home in a sweat to check my email, write in my journal, and browse through the Folha Universal, a newspaper distributed by the Igreja Universal do Reino do Deus, an evangelist church that seems to have buildings in every neighborhood in and around Porto Alegre.  Good wholesome messages, but I wonder at what cost?  I’ve heard that the church uses peoples’ donations simply to expand it’s presence in Brazil and in the world.  I read a discomforting article about evangelist sects in China’s poor countryside today and have always had my doubts about these types of churches, which capitalize on people’s poverty.  I’m thinking of attending a service to see what kind of messages they really preach and what exactly an evangelist service is like in Brazil. 

Now I’m off to class–a bit early since I’m in the mood to take my time and wander around some before class starts.  I hope you’re all doing well.  I said a prayer of thanksgiving this morning for all of the wonderful people in my life.  Those people would be you


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