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November 2, 2004


Check out the São Paulo Folha Online headline today:

“Mais de 100 milhões de eleitores vão às urnas nesta terça para escolher o 44º presidente dos EUA. A importância da escolha entre Bush e Kerry é tamanha que ela definirá o caminho militar, econômico e diplomático de todo o planeta.”

More than 100 million electors will go to the polls this Tuesday to select the 44th president of the United States.  The importance of the choice between Bush and Kerry is such that it will define the military, economic, and diplomatic path of the whole planet.

The decision we make today is a serious matter for the whole world; but unfortunately, they don’t have a say.  It’s up to us to choose the best leader for the world’s top superpower.  Ours is essentially a world election in which only 5% of the world gets to vote–so each of our votes is cast in the name of 20 anonymous people around the world.  If you ever thought that your one vote was insignificant, think again.

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