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November 1, 2004


I spent the day with some more merry Germans and a trio of Brazilian students who are organizing the Model UN.  Based on Anjana’s experiences and my own, I get the impression that Germans are very worldly people!  The Brazilians gave us a city tour of Porto Alegre, which I really didn’t need since I’ve already seen everything we saw–but I didn’t have anything particular to do today, and since it was sunny and warm, I figured it’d be nice to spend the morning and afternoon walking around town.  I did learn a few new facts; for example, I finally found out what the three colors on the Rio Grande do Sul state flag represent:  the green and yellow stripes at the top and bottom are the colors of the Brazilian national flag, and the red stripe in the middle represents the spilled blood of Rio Grande do Sul’s revolutionary past–so it’s sort of an acknowledgement of present-day solidarity with the rest of Brazil while at the same time not forgetting the state’s historic streak of liberty or death. 

Now I’m looking forward to a quiet night of reading, writing in my journal, and gazing out the back window at the night sky as I ponder my place in the world and breathe in the sweet smell of flowering trees and bushes.  This will be my first experience of a tropical pre-Christmas season.  Oddly enough, my mind doesn’t seem to be thrown off by the warm weather–despite the hot sun and Florida-like humidity, it still seems to me like the beginning of November, with Christmas just around the corner. 

A merry evening to you all, and to all a good night



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