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October 28, 2004


Hey Guys,

Since Christmas is coming up, I have a great way for everyone who’s interested to use their money to help benefit people in need.  It’s a Word document full of weblinks for “Sustainable gift ideas”–crafts, gift certificates and such that you can purchase on-line that benefit people who really need your money rather than buying all of your gifts from big-name stores that already have plenty of our cash.  If anyone’s interested in the document, send me an email and I’ll pass it along. 

Part of helping to redistribute the unjust concentration of wealth in our world is shopping smartly.  See, we don’t even have to stop consuming if we hope to make this world a fairer place!  We just have to consume the right way.

Mmmm… you can literally start consuming environmentally and socially friendly products by going to the following link:  Fair Trade chocolate… yummm…


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