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October 11, 2004

I forgot to mention, for Anjana’s benefit, that I, too, met a “merry German” this weekend (my friend Anjana has met a lot of merry Germans, as she calls them, in Nicaragua, where she’s studying for the year).  She lived in Porto Alegre for three months and was part of Raízes do Sul while she was here, but now she lives in Florianopolis where she’s doing her grad work.  She was indeed very merry, always chattering away and bouncing around the group.  All in all, she was a very pleasant person to have around and I’m disappointed that she can’t be here for longer.

Tomorrow’s a feriadão (as opposed to a simple feriado), a whopping three-in-one holiday:  Children’s Day, Columbus Day, and Nossa Senhora da Aparecida Day (the national saint).  Alex, his mom, a group of his friends and I are going to cook a whopping lunch of a pumpkin and pasta recipe that Sra. Santos found to celebrate the whopping holiday, then Alex and I are going to a churrasco (big barbeque) at Leandro’s house.  I’m quasi-fasting today to make room.  Mmmm, I can’t wait…


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