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October 8, 2004


Ah, I’m feeling better today–in fact, I’m in an extremely good mood today.  Funny how things can change so fast, and suddenly, too.  I went to class early last night since I couldn’t remember if the other americanos and I were having a meeting with our advisor before class started or not.  Since it ended up that we weren’t, I took the key I have to Leandro’s office to use the Internet until class started; but when I entered the office, I discovered a 16th anniversary edition of the city newspaper for Eldorado do Sul (the city/town we’re supposed to be developing a relationship with) sitting on his desk and decided to sit down and read that instead.  As I read interviews and columns by everyday residents who live in the town, my mood started to change as Eldorado do Sul transformed from the abstract exercise it has been in class into a real place, with mothers and fathers and kids and old men and women who all have down-to-earth joys and concerns to share with the world.  It made me want to stick around to contribute what I can to our class discussions and exercises so that we head in the direction of developing the most sustainable, mutual relationship possible with the residents in this town we’re supposed to be helping and whose friendship and input is crucial if this is to happen in any truly beneficial way.

So I’m happy now.  I also have an encontro de capoeira tomorrow to look forward to:  a day when all of the different Raízes do Sul clubs (the capoeira group I’m a part of) come together to learn new techniques for playing the capoeira instruments, practice our form, and enjoy a meal and a party together.  Should be fun–and engaging.  After thinking about yesterday’s frustrations more, I realized that I don’t necessarily having to be contributing in the sense I was writing about yesterday–I just need to feel engaged.  The last few days I’ve been confined to the computer finishing my thesis and typing up papers for my classes here, which I think contributed to my frustrations.  So now I need to get off of this damn computer and back out into the world around me!

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