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September 28, 2004

28/9/4 Terça

Reminder of the day:  smile at people you pass on the street.  One thing that I both hate and love about cities (depends on my mood) is that one can feel totally alone and unacknowledged in the midst of hundreds of people.  But whether or not I’m in one of my solitary, observant moods, I always appreciate a smile from a stranger.  It’s the simplest way we have of acknowledging each other’s humanity and the fact that we share this space together–and it makes people feel good, too.  I know it makes me feel good.  For instance, this afternoon I was in a funk, not feeling particularly inspired to do my work or much of anything else, but when I walked past my friend Paul (the guy who sells flyers on the corner who noticed my Kerry pin) on my way home from class, he gave me a big smile and a “Tudo bom?”  Our simple interaction immediately lifted my spirits.

The underlying theme of this entry is that I DO have work to do, so I’m going to keep this one short.  Até a proxima vez

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