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September 9, 2004

9/9/4 Quinta

Aaaah!  I just wrote an entry about how frustrating my afternoon was and the server lost it when I hit the submit button!!! 

SO, I´ll try again.  It started out with a half-hour wait at the bank to pay for my bus tokens, which I then had to pick up at a location across the city.  But when I arrived at the location across the city, I discovered that the receipt proving I had paid had fallen out of my pocket along the way.  So I had to go all the way back to the bank to see if they could give me a photocopy of the receipt, which they couldn´t, so now I´m going to have to go through the whole process over again in addition to repaying the R$57.75 (~US$20.00).

But not all of the afternoon was wasted.  While I waited in line at the bank, I learned a few new words by reading the signs posted around the lobby.  Like mesada, which means allowance, or monthly payment (there´s your word of the day, Kendra ).  The bank offers accounts where parents can deposit their kids´ allowance so that the kids can withdraw it themselves.  Now one can look at this in one of two ways:  the positive way would be that the account offers kids an opportunity to learn how to manage their money; the way I am tempted to look at it is that the bank is trying its darndest to get kids sucked into the habit of using banks and spending money as early on in life as possible.

I also had a good chuckle at myself.  On the bus ride back to the bank, I accidentally rotated the turnstyle before going through, so the guy taking the money wouldn´t let me pass into the main section of the bus without paying again for fear that he would get in trouble when the amount of money in his box didn´t match up with the number of people passing through the turnstyle.  So I ended up riding in the front of the bus with the senior citizens who don´t pay.  It was a welcomed silly episode in the midst of my frustration.

Tomorrow I´m headed to Argentina to visit Buenos Aires and study the ups and downs of urban planning and development in La Plata, so I might not be writing for awhile.  (Sorry, Hon, but I won´t be able to check out the mountains while I´m there–Buenos Aires and La Plata are in eastern Argentina, quite a ways from the Andes).  It´s an eighteen-hour bus ride from Porto Alegre, but I´m excited because we´ll be riding in a luxury double-decker bus and we have window seats on the top level.  Needless to say, I will have much to write about when I return on September 20.

As always, I love you and miss you all.  Cuide-lhes.  Take care of yourselves.



Now I am going to copy this before I submit it so that if it gets lost again I can simply paste it and try again!


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One Comment
  1. Hi Cori!!
    I’m glad to read/hear that you are doing so well!  You are always so much fun to read about :).  I’m surviving hurricane season in Florida… I still do not have internet, so when I’m at Josh’s house, I’ll try to check this more often.  Sorry for the delay!  I just got all of your emails.  Hope all is well, I miss you very much!! 
    Love ya,

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